Alexander Yakush

Bought a car here for myself and my wife. The choice fell on the Jaguar F-Pace 2020 and Nissan Rogue 2021, from the auction. The loan was issued without SSN. I was only in the States at that time for a couple of months and did not really believe in miracles. Down payment paid only […]

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Razmik Karapetyan

I have expressed my gratitude more than once, but since there is an opportunity, I will say it again! I bought my first car from them, I searched for a very long time, but I could not find a good car for my budget. In the end, I came across a car that was sold […]

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Tatyana Koval

I would like to thank you for your efficiency, integrity, worthy service and quality of services. I asked for help and we have been working together for a year now. At first they sold my car very profitably and then at good prices I took cars of different segments, from Ford to the brand new […]

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Hello! I rented a car from you, the car is cool, new. Conditions are good, insurance included. And what is most super car was really new. I had to go on a trip and they didn’t charge extra for it. Thank you very much MyAvilon.

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I recently rented a car from MyAvilon for a week. I am very satisfied with the professionalism, price and prompt response to any problem/question There were no problems with the car, it was super comfortable and in excellent condition, but since I was driving recently, I had to ask for help several times😅. They were […]

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I have been working with Avilon for a very long time. Always helps in all matters and solves the problem as soon as possible. The cars are in excellent condition. I will apply again. I recommend with all my heart.

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